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Sailing Club

Based on the central location along Narragansett Bay, The Apponaug Marina is a salior’s delight with fresh southerly breezes most afternoons in the summer. There are many harbors, coves and inlets that can easily be sailed to for a day trip or weekend overnighter the marina. Headquartered at marina, is The Apponaug Yacht Club.

Since the Club’s founding, it has had a very active program of racing, cruising, and social events. AYC has a proud history of racing on the Bay. Club racing is usually held on Tuesday evenings throughout three seasons. AYC also has a very active cruising program often with 10-12 weekend outings each year.



Located on scenic Greenwich Bay on Naragansett Bay. We are a great place to call home as we are conveniently located only 17 miles from Newport, 32 miles from Block Island and only 44 miles from Martha’s Vineyard.


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No one would turn down a good massage, and that is why many people are constantly looking for such an amazing experience. It is now more than ever, because there is already a professional massage center in Apponaug Marina. Whether you are thinking of getting it for the first time or you are used to it, it is a matter of making an appointment with the experts from this yachting marina.

The most common type is Swedish massage that involves full-body therapy to relax your joints and muscles. However, you will find all types including Thai massage, Shiatsu, reflexology, and hot stone among many others. If you are specific on what you want, everything is taken care of here. For instance, pregnancy massage and sports massage are available for the interested individuals.

A number of people tend to worry especially during the first massage, and probably may wonder if it will cure some pains. Others may worry if it is going to hurt them, while some may be afraid of undressing in front of strangers. All these concerns are easily addressed by the massage professionals once you book an appointment. They will also advise on how to get best from a massage. For example, it is advisable to avoid eating heavily right before the exercise, or training immediately after a massage.


Health Benefits of Massage

According to researchers, massage is said to have several health benefits. It can help in alleviating pains to patients living with HIV, cancer, as well as Parkinson’s disease. In addition, it can help lower blood pressure and relieve a number of migraines. Above all, massage helps in getting rid of stress and depression, which in turn improves your overall body health. However, people with serious medical conditions are advised to get instructions from a doctor before securing a massage service.

Understanding Massage

Before the massage, you will be required to undress as much as you are comfortable. You are not forced to remove undergarments unless you choose to, but note that massage can be done through light clothing. All privacy you deserve is provided by the therapists, right from the start to the end of the activity. The exercise offers a relaxing experience without any form of hurt. In case your therapist is exerting too much pressure, always feel free to communicate.

With the right professionals from the Apponaug massage center, you rest assured of a memorable experience. If you have had a poor massage before, it is now time to get the best of what you wanted. Remember massage should not be a matter of tolerating and gritting your teeth due to pain, actually, it should offer a soothing feel throughout the activity.

A massage office is not like that of a dentist where patients feel intense pressure even before the operation. It does not mean to be nervous, instead, you should feel comfortable and even talk to the therapist if you feel like. Before it begins, you can ask the therapist to play a soothing music to keep your mind relaxed. If you don’t prefer the music, you are free to talk to the therapist during the process. In other words, just tell the person what you want during a massage session.

A good massage with a good handheld massager makes you fall asleep. This is okay, so don’t struggle to stay awake. In fact, experts say sleeping during a massage is very good. This indicates you are already relaxed, and the therapist will wake you up afterwards. Once the exercise is over, you may take some minutes to relax and feel the relief. This helps in refreshing your mind and body. If you want to find the best massage chairs for your home, you can check here.

Office Chairs for Massage

As much as you need to have a massage regularly, sometimes it is impossible given today’s tight schedules. That is why massage chairs can help you get a massage at the comfort of your place. Whether at home or in office, these units can offer the best of what you deserve. We live in a busy society where people spend hours sitting on offices chairs. Depending on the sitting posture, you are likely to experience some pains.

There are different types of office chairs in the market, but each comes with its own price. Nowadays ergonomic chairs are designed to address the issues of back, neck, and shoulder pains. However, it is unattainable to have a fully perfect model. Therefore, massage chairs are vital to give you a relaxing massage and get rid of the backaches.