Can You Hunt Around the Marina?

Can You Hunt Around the Marina?

appnoagmarinaLooking for a unique and beautiful area to enjoy hunting wildlife? Forest of Appnoag Marina can be an ultimate place to be, especially for those that want to experience real wild gaming. The marina is fully surrounded by fine forest cover, ensuring anywhere you stay you are near to hunting opportunities. The area is situated in a game management region, with lots of wildlife including mule deer, elks, waterfowls, coons, and squirrels.

Even though there are plenty of hunting choices, you can enhance the gaming experience with trail cameras to monitor the movement of animals during your stay there. It is simple; just place the cameras at the “hot spots” where those deer and elks trail every day. This will help you know the best time to shoot down that mule deer or elk, without missing severally.

Tips for Hunters

Just like any other place of hunting, you need to make arrangements prior to actual hunting. Definitely there is a charge for every animal you shoot, but still, don’t think it will that easy for you to kill as many as you want. Remember also, if you are lucky to have shot one elk or mule deer, it may be too heavy for you to carry especially if you are going up a hill. You can make use of a horse so that you can ferry your hunt, though you need to be aware of the hunting tactics because deer can go anywhere, but the horse can only access limited areas. If you have a trail camera, it can help you know the times when the animals are out of those inaccessible areas.

Sometimes the hunting experience might turn into a nightmare especially for those looking to shoot big mule deer or elk. A single shot is your luck, as these animals are “wise” and they tend to move away from potential hunters. Once you spot a deer or elk, no matter the size, that should be your first target. You never know that was your best opportunity, and therefore don’t miss the opportunity. Many are times when hunters get disappointed as they pass on a small elk searching for a big one.

Appnoaug forest is home for different types of wildlife, and these mule deer or elks are as well afraid of predators. Some hunters think that they are only predators chasing the game meat, but unfortunately, they find “someone else” has got away with the meat as they continue hunting. Once you get your deer down, you need to urinate around the tree where you will hang the meat to keep predators off. However, this “security” is only valid within hours, usually 48 hours. Therefore, be aware of taking your meat in time.

Apart from the hunting shows that you will see while at the marina, getting into the forest is a different encounter. You need to be aware of the tricks and tactics to get your elk or deer down before it disappears. Use of good quality wireless game cameras can help you assess how often animal trails, and how likely you will encounter it. Funny enough, many hunting “experts” you see in those shows have never experienced real life hunting. Therefore, your hunting techniques should reflect that of a real hunter while in the forest.

As much as you want to make the hunting experience a fun, it is necessary to have the hunting gears to protect you from injuries or weather changes. Whether you come from low or high altitude, you need to be in a perfect shape. A GPS is also a necessity, but you will need it if you know how to use it. However, its functionality may be affected by heavy cloud cover. Emergency gear is suitable because you can get lost in the forest. So, ensure you carry enough food and water to last for several hours before you are located. Sometimes weather changes may leave a hunter stranded, and therefore you need to carry a map and compasses too. For easy location, having a signal mirror and whistle is vital. However, the place is not too complex for new hunters, and you can even lit fire whenever you are lost.

Your hunting experience is what counts. So you need to take as many photos as you need. However, it might be difficult to multitask because you also want to shoot. This is why trail cameras become more important for every hunter here. You just set up the cams at different spots, and then continue hunting. The cameras will record videos and capture photos.

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