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Night Hunting/Fishing Activities in Rhode Island

Night Hunting/Fishing Activities in Rhode Island

night huntingActivities in the Rhode Island go beyond boat cruising and swimming to hunting and fishing. Night hunting is fun because there are plenty of bucks to down, including deer, turkey, ducks, and other birds. Fishing on the other hand, is done using fishing boats along the coast of the island mostly on the charter trips of Captain Sheriff. Some of the species available for fishing include Tautogs, fluke, tuna, seabass, atlantic cod and haddock among others.

Any fisherman out there will want to harvest as much as possible, while the hunter in the woods would want to down that big deer he has been trailing. Fishing and hunting at night are common on the island, but a few of the people know the best techniques to apply in order to achieve the finest of what they want.

As fishermen and hunters, I hope we all know the basic things required when preparing to go out and hunt or fish. Fishing obviously will need a boat, fishing line or net, baits, and lifesavers among several other gear and clothing. When it comes to hunting, you will need hunting gear, hunting clothing, knives, ear protection, backpack, first aid kit, and a riffle among other things. However, did you know that both fishing and hunting at night require a flashlight?

If this is new to you, definitely this article is so important to you. For the beginners in the fishing and hunting world, probably I am already teaching someone some vital tips. Alright, one may be asking, why do I need a flashlight and I have a gun to shoot? That query is self-answered because the exercise is being done at night. Right? But this does not mean the flashlight must stay switched on throughout the fishing or hunting period.

Use of Tactical Flashlight during Night Fishing

Fishing during the night is fun as you enjoy the calm view of the ocean and the coastal line, as well as the breeze emerging from the waters. It is also a nice time to catch plenty of fish as long as you have the right tools. Many times people do ask why professional fishermen use attractor lights while catching fish. This question is a bit tricky due to the fact that big fish such as black sea bass will move away from light. So, how do they manage to catch those bluefish, weakfish, and striped bass?

According to, you need to use a bright tactical flashlight for professional fishing to attract those tiny sea animals known as zooplankton. These species tend to follow beams of light when stricken into water, and therefore your flashlight is used for that purpose. You just need to flash the light (switch the low light mode) into the water and wait for the planktons to accumulate around the beam. Baitfish, on the other hand, will get attracted by the planktons because they feed on them. Herring, shad, and minnows are the popular baitfishes that are eaten by predator fish such as bass, redfish, crappie, walleye, and speckled trout.

So, the flash beam will attract series of species (fishermen interested in those predator fish) towards your fishing net. Since the net can only hold the bigger fish, the small ones will escape leaving the larger ones behind. This technique is quite useful especially when you want to harvest more of fish. It is also a less time-consuming method. If you are a fisherman and you haven’t realized this technique so far, it is now the time to have your own flashlight for night fishing.

Use of Flashlight for Night Hunting

As much as you want to have fun while hunting those deer at night, so too important is your protection. Apart from temporarily blinding a deer so that you can re-position yourself to shoot, also the wild animals need to be scared away. A flashlight is used to strike the eyes of an animal with a very bright light, which blinds an animal’s eyes provisionally as the hunter prepares to escape.

Occasionally, hunters encounter wild animals while in the woods. If you are not prepared enough, you may be tempted to shoot down an unauthorized animal, leading to hefty fines by the authorities. The flashlight can be very useful when in such threatening situations. This can also be classified as an emergency, which requires a flashlight immediately.

Another use of the flashlight is when looking for a lost item. Earplugs are the common items that get lost at night, and you can lose them permanently if you don’t have a light source. Of course, if you cannot find them, you will be forced to continue hunting without ear protection, thus endangering your ears.


Recommendations for Fishing Enthusiasts

Recommendations for Fishing Enthusiasts

fish finderBeing one of the famous marinas for recreational anglers, Appnoag Marina hosts many fishing enthusiasts. Due to the nature of the waters around the forest, fishing experience can be enhanced by use of ideal equipments. Fishing lines are widely used, but making use of fish finders can make fishing work easier because a fisherman can view underwater world better.

There is a variety of fish finders in the market today, and your choice may depend on several factors including the price. Some cost even below $100, while others cost up to $2000. Selection of fish finders should be based on what you want, instead of relying mainly on the price. Professional fishermen require powerful devices that not only have high definition screens, but also can monitor everything in the boat including monitoring fuel level.

Types of Fish Finders

Fish finders are of different types, and each model has its own price. You may investigate further comparison about the top rated fishfinders in For those in tight budget and looking for fish finders, you can go for cheap ones less than $100. Garmin Echo 151dv is an ideal fish finder that is affordable to any fisherman out there, though it has lower power rating. It has a lower end transducer and no GPS, implying that the user can only view about 150 feet depth. Even though the screen is good, the readings are not so impressive. Often, these basic fish finders have black and white screen which is somehow difficult to interpret the results. If you are beginner, Lowrance Elite 3X is also recommended.

Most fishing fans go for fish finders ranging from $100 to $300, and there are many choices. Models like Humminbird PiranhaMax 176i and Humminbird PiranhaMax 197c can get to a depth of 200 feet, though with limited GPS as well. Even though no maps, the user can choose to set tracks and waypoints for navigation purposes. If you want a model to get deeper, Garmin Echo 551dv can reach up to 300 feet, but no GPS. Interestingly, this model has a color screen that offer ease of reading results. Also, it works at faster speed.

If you opt for those ranging from $300 to $600, probably you will get a perfect fish finder. Some of the best models include Lowrance Elite 4 HDI, Lowrance Elite 5 HDI, and Raymarine DragonFly. These models have different prices, but all of them have 5 inch color screens, with high power rating to help you get more depth. Internal GPS feature have expandable and decent maps. Some models also have DownScan SONAR, and capable of getting up to 500 feet in depth.

The recommended models for professional fishermen cost over $600, and come with variety of features. They have powerful SONAR, powerful mapping, high definition screens, as well as option to include other features such as radars, satellite radio, and weather. The best models are Humminbird series and Lowrance HDS series, which also allow the user to network more than two units together. They can be used to monitor all aspects including SONAR, navigation, and fuel levels in the boat engine.

3 Basic Things to Consider When Buying Fish Finder


A fish finder receives sonar waves from a transducer, and the speed of these waves depends on power. Power of a fish finder is measured in terms of wattage. If the wattage is higher, the device will display readings faster and clearer. When choosing your unit, consider the depth of water because more power is needed for deeper waters than shallower ones. Also, salt water requires more powerful fish finders.

Screen resolution

The recommended minimum screen resolution is 240 x 160 pixels, since the quality of the details are directly proportional to the number of pixels. If you want to have clearer details, it is advisable to invest in a higher screen resolution unit. Resolution of the screen combined with the screen size will also determine the clarity of the display. Relatively cheaper units have smaller screen sizes, while expensive ones have larger screens.


These are the major components of fish finders, and their role is to produce and receive sonar waves. They send signals into water and once they hit an object, they bounce off and then received by the transducer. The data containing details of the object is send to the main unit and then translated into picture that is displayed on the screen. If you want easy unit to install, consider those that come with separate transom mount transducers and the box. However, Thru-Hull transducers are highly recommended for professional and tournament anglers.

Can You Hunt Around the Marina?

Can You Hunt Around the Marina?

appnoagmarinaLooking for a unique and beautiful area to enjoy hunting wildlife? Forest of Appnoag Marina can be an ultimate place to be, especially for those that want to experience real wild gaming. The marina is fully surrounded by fine forest cover, ensuring anywhere you stay you are near to hunting opportunities. The area is situated in a game management region, with lots of wildlife including mule deer, elks, waterfowls, coons, and squirrels.

Even though there are plenty of hunting choices, you can enhance the gaming experience with trail cameras to monitor the movement of animals during your stay there. It is simple; just place the cameras at the “hot spots” where those deer and elks trail every day. This will help you know the best time to shoot down that mule deer or elk, without missing severally.

Tips for Hunters

Just like any other place of hunting, you need to make arrangements prior to actual hunting. Definitely there is a charge for every animal you shoot, but still, don’t think it will that easy for you to kill as many as you want. Remember also, if you are lucky to have shot one elk or mule deer, it may be too heavy for you to carry especially if you are going up a hill. You can make use of a horse so that you can ferry your hunt, though you need to be aware of the hunting tactics because deer can go anywhere, but the horse can only access limited areas. If you have a trail camera, it can help you know the times when the animals are out of those inaccessible areas.

Sometimes the hunting experience might turn into a nightmare especially for those looking to shoot big mule deer or elk. A single shot is your luck, as these animals are “wise” and they tend to move away from potential hunters. Once you spot a deer or elk, no matter the size, that should be your first target. You never know that was your best opportunity, and therefore don’t miss the opportunity. Many are times when hunters get disappointed as they pass on a small elk searching for a big one.

Appnoaug forest is home for different types of wildlife, and these mule deer or elks are as well afraid of predators. Some hunters think that they are only predators chasing the game meat, but unfortunately, they find “someone else” has got away with the meat as they continue hunting. Once you get your deer down, you need to urinate around the tree where you will hang the meat to keep predators off. However, this “security” is only valid within hours, usually 48 hours. Therefore, be aware of taking your meat in time.

Apart from the hunting shows that you will see while at the marina, getting into the forest is a different encounter. You need to be aware of the tricks and tactics to get your elk or deer down before it disappears. Use of good quality wireless game cameras can help you assess how often animal trails, and how likely you will encounter it. Funny enough, many hunting “experts” you see in those shows have never experienced real life hunting. Therefore, your hunting techniques should reflect that of a real hunter while in the forest.

As much as you want to make the hunting experience a fun, it is necessary to have the hunting gears to protect you from injuries or weather changes. Whether you come from low or high altitude, you need to be in a perfect shape. A GPS is also a necessity, but you will need it if you know how to use it. However, its functionality may be affected by heavy cloud cover. Emergency gear is suitable because you can get lost in the forest. So, ensure you carry enough food and water to last for several hours before you are located. Sometimes weather changes may leave a hunter stranded, and therefore you need to carry a map and compasses too. For easy location, having a signal mirror and whistle is vital. However, the place is not too complex for new hunters, and you can even lit fire whenever you are lost.

Your hunting experience is what counts. So you need to take as many photos as you need. However, it might be difficult to multitask because you also want to shoot. This is why trail cameras become more important for every hunter here. You just set up the cams at different spots, and then continue hunting. The cameras will record videos and capture photos.

How to Choose a Compound Bow for Beginners?

How to Choose a Compound Bow for Beginners?

When selecting your compound bow you might be overwhelmed by the variety of selections in the market today. Even though we have several types from different manufacturers, there are the key factors that you need to consider while choosing your suitable archery tool. If you are a beginner in the archery world, we shall provide a detailed guide to help make the best selection.

Whether you are buying a compound bow for target shooting or hunting, we shall advise you on how to check the suitable specifications that will work for you.

  1. The draw length

This is the distance that a bow will draw before the string stops, and bows come with adjustable draw length to suit any particular shooter. For Compound Bow draw lengthaccurate shooting, the compound bow should offer comfort such that you are not struggling to cope while shooting. If you are a newbie, you can seek help from reliable archery shop in order to get the right draw length measurement. This will assist you to achieve safety, accuracy, and consistency while using your compound bow.

  1. The draw weight

The draw weight should be proportional to your strength. Heavy draw weight usually gives a faster shot speed. It is the maximum weight the user pulls while the string is drawing back just before letting off. However, comfort is more important when it comes to perfect shooting. Convenient weight is vital because you will be able to draw the string consistently without too much effort to focus. Compound bows have their own let off whereby the shooter uses the least effort while holding at full draw. Therefore, it is advisable to check the let off percentage as well as the draw weight.

  1. The bow length

Ideal bow length offers easy manoeuvrability, depending on the application. The bow length is usually measured from both axles. For hunting purposes, selecting a shorter bow is perfect because you can control it while in the woods. In case your bow is for target shooting, a longer bow is ideal for accuracy reasons. Even though people prefer shorter hunting bows and longer target bows, it will depend on one’s preference. Therefore, choose a compound bow that offers maximum comfort.

  1. Speed

Speed is essential because it reflects the energy and momentum of the arrow and the power in which it knocks the target at. New compound bows can shoot more than 350ft per second, and they have the ability to shoot heavier arrows. This gives a powerful penetration power, which is ideal for hunting. When the bow is capable of shooting at faster speeds, therefore it can provide the desired accuracy.

Compound Bow Speed

  1. Noise

New innovative compound bows have been designed to utilize all the firing energy. Very little energy is lost, hence giving the arrow more power to knock the target. Quieter bows are usually suitable compared to loud ones. Louder bows make noise due to vibration of the parts, and this implies that some energy is not transferred to the arrow once a shot is made. Modern bows have vibration dampeners which absorb some of the vibrations, thus making the bow a bit quieter.

The above 5 buying tips will assist the archer beginners out there to make better choices while buying compound bows. It is essential to understand the basic facts pertaining to compound bows before considering other technical specifications. Of course, there are several other aspects such as riser design and limb among others. However, experts at your local archery shop will probably advise you more about other factors in details.

Why You Should Protect Your Ears with Earplugs?

Why You Should Protect Your Ears with Earplugs?

Noise is one of the leading causes of hearing loss. Sometimes noise becomes inevitable due to working conditions such as factory sites, music concerts, landscaping, airports, and construction sites. People employed in those places have adapted to noise pollution, which may cause hearing problems over time. However, hearing loss can be protected simply through the use of earplugs.

There are various earplugs in the market today, but people may make wrong choices while buying. Quality is different, which in turn reflects the price. Good ones are durable, though they are relatively expensive compared to the low-quality ones. If you purchase bad earplugs, they will not fit appropriately into your ears and they will also affect the quality of sounds you need to hear.

To avoid those uncomfortable and unreliable earplugs, some bit of research may be needed. This will allow you to compare different types, and also check the authenticity of the manufacturer. Nowadays there are more improved earplugs, and they come with a variety of selections. Depending on which you buy, the earplugs are designed to fit user’s ears and deliver the most comfort required.

Types of Earplugs

Earplugs for noise reductionEarplugs for noise reduction

High noise levels can be dangerous because they can lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss. When you work at a noisy factory, it is imperative to use noise reducing earplugs since you don’t know what the future holds. You never know when permanent hearing loss may occur, and therefore putting on ear protection becomes very essential.

When the level of noise is severely interrupting communication, it indicates that the noise is beyond 85 decibels. Sources of noise exceeding the mentioned level are dangerous. Some of these sources include lawn mower, power saw, and firecrackers among others. While working with such machines, earplugs can help you have a better conversation with other people. You will not be entitled to shout so that you can hear one another.

Musician Earplugs

Music in concerts can cause severe hearing loss, especially if you are exposed severally. Musicians cannot avoid high volume because it is their profession, but they can use musician earplugs to protect ears while performing. These earplugs are designed to create a natural hearing, such that all sounds are normalized. Since they are professionally made, they don’t echo your voice to cause uncomfortable sound reflection within your ears.musician earplugs

Some of these earplugs have a range of choices, which are designed to suit different users. Depending on what you want to hear while at the concert, you can choose an option that will filter out the damaging sounds. If you feel affected by instruments such as guitars, you can opt for 10 decibels earplugs. Other options include 15 decibels, 20 decibels, and 25 decibels. If you are attending a music concert at a night club, 25dB might be a good choice because such events involve extremely loud music.

As much as we enjoy music in concerts, we need to protect our ears too. In some cases, we normally assume sound levels cannot harm us instantly. People can adapt to loud sounds, especially after being exposed for several minutes. Those who attend high noise concerts frequently will certainly put on earplugs after two to three events, because they would have experienced the hearing loss situation.

However, you are not supposed to experience hearing loss so that you can start using earplugs. Even when the loud noise does not seem to be harmful, earplugs are very important. Developing hearing loss can impact the quality of your life because you cannot interact with others at ease. Therefore, use of earplugs while in a noisy environment is highly recommended.

Choosing the Right Work Boots for Winter

Choosing the Right Work Boots for Winter

Boots for WinterWinter season is fast-approaching and it’s time to prepare ourselves for the cold. Doing precautionary measures is a must to avoid discomfort or worst, hypothermia. It is a time where we have to bundle up and relieve ourselves from possible freezing temperatures. Despite the weather, we cannot help but go outside of our homes to work, study, or simply enjoy the season which is why we need to wear the proper clothing to keep us warm. The usual winter attire will never be complete without the boots. It is a major staple for everyone at this time, making it necessary to find the best fit for us. There are so many options available when buying winter boots and it can become a big headache for us. Nevertheless, correct information is necessary because frost bite is no laughing matter.


The first thing to keep in mind when choosing boots is its insulating capacity. Regular boots made for spring or fall is usually not enough for colder times. Some people do not know that there are actually specific ratings for boots for you to determine its ability to protect you. Check for the ratings in the label or tag before buying anything that is less than you expect.

In relation to the aforementioned point, make a thorough research about the possible severity of the weather for that year. This will be your basis about what degree of insulation you will need to get. There are boots with varying degrees of insulation starting from -10 degrees Celsius up to -40 degrees Celsius. This should serve as your guide although there are still other things that can affect its efficiency.Choosing the Right Boots for Winter

Rainy days can make winter worse than it already is. The added moisture can cause a lot of hassle especially if your boots get soaked. It is a terrible inconvenience if you are away from home and it gives you cold feet because you cannot easily change them. In line with this, look for water-resistant or waterproof types to avoid this problem. Exposing them to moisture does not only aggravate the cold, it also makes you more vulnerable to fungal infections and other foot problems. If snow is more your concern, snow-proof boots are also a great option for you and are more lightweight than waterproof boots.

This season can make it harder for us to walk for long miles. People prefer staying at home than to brave the chilly weather. Our body typically slows down a bit as an effect so it is important to have the most comfortable boots. Find products that have pads, cushions, and foam to ease the pressure on your soles. Walking with these boots makes you less tired easily since it acts as a spring.

The size of your boots can either make or break you. It truly affects the way you walk and your level of comfort. This is especially true for your boots because it usually has a more rigid structure than regular shoes. Be sure to find the perfect fit work boot for you or you’ll risk getting blisters or injuring yourself. In cases where half-sizes are not available, choose the next bigger size and not the lower. Bear in mind that unlike warm seasons, you will need thicker socks for winter so it is better to give a size allowance.

Also, there are instances where snow is particularly heavy during this time and it is a significant issue for most people. Extreme conditions result in the knee-deep snow that blocks pathways and roads. To deal with this, it is great to have tall boots that can survive this hurdle. Low ankle boots cannot withstand deep snow especially when your calves are almost buried with it. If you think that knee-high boots are not suitable for you in terms of appearance, get those that are easy to fold so you will have two options. Not only is it convenient, but it is also more economical since you don’t have to buy two items.