How to Choose a Compound Bow for Beginners?

How to Choose a Compound Bow for Beginners?

When selecting your compound bow you might be overwhelmed by the variety of selections in the market today. Even though we have several types from different manufacturers, there are the key factors that you need to consider while choosing your suitable archery tool. If you are a beginner in the archery world, we shall provide a detailed guide to help make the best selection.

Whether you are buying a compound bow for target shooting or hunting, we shall advise you on how to check the suitable specifications that will work for you.

  1. The draw length

This is the distance that a bow will draw before the string stops, and bows come with adjustable draw length to suit any particular shooter. For Compound Bow draw lengthaccurate shooting, the compound bow should offer comfort such that you are not struggling to cope while shooting. If you are a newbie, you can seek help from reliable archery shop in order to get the right draw length measurement. This will assist you to achieve safety, accuracy, and consistency while using your compound bow.

  1. The draw weight

The draw weight should be proportional to your strength. Heavy draw weight usually gives a faster shot speed. It is the maximum weight the user pulls while the string is drawing back just before letting off. However, comfort is more important when it comes to perfect shooting. Convenient weight is vital because you will be able to draw the string consistently without too much effort to focus. Compound bows have their own let off whereby the shooter uses the least effort while holding at full draw. Therefore, it is advisable to check the let off percentage as well as the draw weight.

  1. The bow length

Ideal bow length offers easy manoeuvrability, depending on the application. The bow length is usually measured from both axles. For hunting purposes, selecting a shorter bow is perfect because you can control it while in the woods. In case your bow is for target shooting, a longer bow is ideal for accuracy reasons. Even though people prefer shorter hunting bows and longer target bows, it will depend on one’s preference. Therefore, choose a compound bow that offers maximum comfort.

  1. Speed

Speed is essential because it reflects the energy and momentum of the arrow and the power in which it knocks the target at. New compound bows can shoot more than 350ft per second, and they have the ability to shoot heavier arrows. This gives a powerful penetration power, which is ideal for hunting. When the bow is capable of shooting at faster speeds, therefore it can provide the desired accuracy.

Compound Bow Speed

  1. Noise

New innovative compound bows have been designed to utilize all the firing energy. Very little energy is lost, hence giving the arrow more power to knock the target. Quieter bows are usually suitable compared to loud ones. Louder bows make noise due to vibration of the parts, and this implies that some energy is not transferred to the arrow once a shot is made. Modern bows have vibration dampeners which absorb some of the vibrations, thus making the bow a bit quieter.

The above 5 buying tips will assist the archer beginners out there to make better choices while buying compound bows. It is essential to understand the basic facts pertaining to compound bows before considering other technical specifications. Of course, there are several other aspects such as riser design and limb among others. However, experts at your local archery shop will probably advise you more about other factors in details.

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