How to Find the Best Water-Conserving Toilets

How to Find the Best Water-Conserving Toilets

Every home needs a toilet. You cannot just pee anywhere, right? However, when looking for a toilet that you will install in your bathroom, you have to make sure that it doesn’t only look stylish but can also function properly even when used for long years. Toilets differ with their height, shape, style, and the way that it flushes water. It only means that before you purchase a toilet, you still have to take time comparing your options.

Features that You Should Look for a ToiletAmerican-Standard-2034.014.020-Champion-4-Right-Height-One-Piece-Elongated-Toilet,-White11

With all the options available in the market, looking for the right toilet can be a challenge. So to help you figure out which one is right for your bathroom, considering the following features can help you come up with the right decision.

  • Height of the bowl

Looking for a toilet that is 14 to 15 inches high is preferable so it would be easier for you to get on and off the toilet.


  • Shape of the bowlbest toilet

Bowl can be round or elongated. If you want to save space then you can go for a round bowl, however, if you want to
have more seating space when using the toilet, then an elongated bowl is perfect.


  • Type of the toilet

There are different types of toilets that you can find in the market. You have to make your own research about each type of toilet and know how they function. Even there are many models for outdoor use such as portable camping toilets where you can carry anywhere.


  • Trap ways of the toilettoilet reviews

You can choose from skirted trap way or concealed trap way. Trap ways provide people the convenience of cleaning the toilet.


  • Flush

Toilets differ with the way they flush water into the bowl. Some can help people conserve water because it makes use of lesser water in getting rid of the waste while others required more water to push the waste down the toilet.

best toilet reviews

  • Sound

The sound that toilets create also varies. You can choose a toilet that creates lesser noise especially if your bathroom is near your bedroom. But if noise isn’t a problem then it is okay if you will go for a toilet that produces a loud sound when flushed.

How Can You Conserve Water with Water-efficient Toilets

More and more countries are experiencing problems with the supply of water. We all know how important water is in our lives so we have to do something on how we can reduce the amount that we consume from day to day. This is when people have to decide using water-efficient toilets.

Water-efficient toilets are divided into 3 categories that include the single flush toilet, dual-flush toilet, and the pressure-assist toilet.

  • Single-flush Toilet

This type of toilet makes use of 1.6 gallons for every flush. Most homes are required to have this type of toilet to resolve the shortage of water.

Dual-flush Toilet

  • Dual-flush Toilet

With just the name of the toilet, you can already have an idea about its feature. People can have two options what flush they wanted to use when getting rid of the waste. You can find a small and big flush button that you have to press when flushing the waste. For the small flush, a lesser amount of water will be used up and this is suitable when flushing liquid waste. On the other hand, if you want to remove the solid waste out of the bowl, then you have to use the large button.


  • Pressure-assist ToiletPressure-assist Toilet

This type of toilet is available in all leading companies that produce toilets. You can usually see this toilet in restrooms, hotels, commercial buildings, and can also be installed at home. It has a plastic pressure tank inside the tank of the toilet. The air will be compressed by acquiring the pressure from the water. This will eventually force the water into the bowl to remove the waste.


The idea of using water-conserving toilet will not only benefit people but it can also be a simple way to preserve Mother Nature. The problem with the supply of water in different places can be resolved if they will implement the use of these toilets at home and in other infrastructures. This will help them save money because no need for them to pay higher water bill because of consuming a lower volume of water.

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