Is Your Boat Just a Money Pit?

Is Your Boat Just a Money Pit?

cleaning your bootThey say you are happy only 2 days when you have a boat – the day you buy it and the day you sell it. This is because having a boat means a lot of expenses and a lot of commitment. People who love boats and own one knows how hard it is to maintain a boat. It’s really hard because even if you commit all your tie on cleaning the boat, you still can’t do it perfectly as half of the boat is underwater and it’s simply impossible to do a perfect job.

There are professional companies who earn for life by cleaning boats. They spend hours and hours of cleaning boats from outside and on the deck. They have special equipment to get to unreachable spots. Equipment which is expensive and also needs people who know how to work with it. Offering such a professional approach to the problem means these companies charge a lot of money for their services.

If you’re a billionaire and you have a boat worth a couple of millions of dollars, then you probably won’t have a problem with paying such company. If you’re just a boat lover and an owner of something way more affordable, then chances are big you won’t be able to afford this kind of professional cleaning company that will take care of your love on the water.

Keeping your boat clean is not the only thing drawing money off your pocket. Docking the boat in the marina is an expense of itself. Registering the boat is another. Then, constant oil changes, and maintenance of the engine. It’s not easy to own a boat. Some things can be cut from the expenses while others simply can’t.

A major budget killer is registering your boat. The flag that the boat is waving and the registration is very different from one place to another. Taxes on owning a boat is also a big issue. That’s why you need to make a good comparison between your needs, possibilities, and options. Registering a boat in the United States costs a fortune compared to some other states in the world. If you can, have this in mind before you buy a boat. Make the best plan and then register your boat.

Maintaining the ship

boat cleaningMaintenance is something that will also take some money, if not a lot of money. You can’t do much about the regular oil change and taking care of the engine which is practically keeping the boat alive. You can’t cut on the budget for your boat there. However, you can cut a lot on the equipment and people for keeping your boat clean. Paying someone else to take care of your boat is simply not needed as you can take care of it by yourself. Both for the deck and for the outside of the ship.

What you need is getting some of the best pressure washers on the market with a lot of power. They will clean your deck without a problem. Pressure washers are important because they clean everything that is trying to stick to the wooden surface. Salt, dirt, and everything else that’s on the deck will be blown back into the water in a matter of seconds.

Cleaning the deck, however, is the easier part. The more complex is the outside of the boat. Since it’s always in the water, it accumulates lots of the salt water but also the sea flora. All this makes the outside a surface almost impossible to wash out. It would be madness trying to clean this with a regular towel but with the pressure washers, this is much easier. The strong water flow gets rid of everything that is trying to build upon the boat’s surface. That’s why a pressure washer is something that’s essential for maintaining your boat’s cleanliness. This will also save a ton of money.


Your boat is definitely not a kid’s toy. It drains money off your pocket more than any other pleasure a person might own. However, it’s a huge difference spending $10.000 each month or $6.000. Saving money on maintenance can make a big difference and if you think of a good plan, you can actually make this pleasure an affordable one.

Sure, you can’t be buying a boat if you’re in debt. You must have a steady income and be ready to put a lot of money on the boat’s name. If you’re ready for this, then the enjoyment that the boat will give you is not comparable to anything else in this world. Spending time on an open sea is something that’s an outstanding experience.

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