New Sporting Complex to Be Unveiled Right By The Apponaug Harbor Marina

New Sporting Complex to Be Unveiled Right By The Apponaug Harbor Marina

Apponaug Harbor MarinaThe land right next to the Harbor Marina in Apponaug soon will be the home to a beautiful and gigantic arena for all kinds of different sports. The owners have announced the building of a sporting complex that will be provide sporting facilities for people that love different kinds of sports. For the children, this means it will be a place where they can practice different sports and decide what fits them the most.

The new Sporting Arena is said to be opened right after the construction works are finished. There will be an Olympic swimming pool, tennis courts, badminton hall, large ping-pong hall, two gyms, handball and basketball court, athletics track, and facilities and accessories needed for practicing different disciplines like high jump, long jump, and etc.

Also, together with all this, there will be lots of massage rooms, saunas, hot tubs, and other relaxation amenities. It will be a place where locals of Apponaug will be able to spend quality time but also train to become world successful athletes.

The Swimming Pool

The swimming pool will be made by all Olympic standards. Together with the main pool will be two smaller pools that can be used for practicing and for children. Everything needed for a perfect swim and for training to become the new Phelps will be available in this complex. Swimmers will have their own locker rooms where they can keep the gear and after the training is done they will be able to visit some of the many facilities built for relaxing of the muscles and regaining strength.

In the premises of the complex, you will be able to find the best possible equipment for swimming. Swimming suits and caps that are currently being used by the professionals that are setting world records.

Tennis Courts

tennis court MarinaIt is planned the complex to have 6 tennis courts with 2 tennis courts that are going to be tennis arenas. They are going to have 5000 seats each and will both be faced toward the south so the players can feel the breeze of the ocean. The other 4 courts will be practice courts and will always be open for recreational needs.

On the tennis courts entrance, there will be a special shop where you can find everything about tennis. Racquets, balls, shoes, and especially top brands of tennis bags because this is probably one of the most important accessories for every professional or semiprofessional tennis player. Tennis bags are highly important because they carry all the other heavy equipment. Sometimes it takes a lot of traveling and carrying the bag on your shoulder, and it’s important to have top-notch tennis bags. As we said, the owners of the complex make no compromises with the equipment that’s going to be offered for their visitors.

Handball and basketball court

The handball and basketball court are designed to both offer the popular game of basketball and promote the handball in the USA. The owners spent years in Europe where handball is one of the most popular indoor games and they want to show the American youth the many benefits and the joy of playing handball.

The handball and basketball store will offer equipment, but also some of the most world-famous jerseys of handball and basketball players.


The Athletics section will have two different venues. One is the indoor part where the different sports that need indoor equipment will be practiced, and the other will be a track on the open where athletes can train and compete in the different running categories.

Knowing how exhausting this sport can be, right next to the athletics part will be placed in a large area with massage rooms and saunas. This way athletes will get the best possible treatment they need for chasing their dream and training to be world famous runners and athletes one day.


All sports today are in a great need of additional practice. It’s not enough just to have talent and to practice, you also need to have a healthy body and a toned muscular body. That’s why the owners have designed two gyms on two different parts of the whole complex where up to 1000 athletes can lift weights and do cardio at the same time.

When the weather is not good and athletes can’t go out to do their daily work out, they can do everything needed inside. The gyms will be equipped with the latest standards and will provide everything a modern athlete needs. Of course, professionals will be employed to help those that are the first time in the gym and have a lot to learn.


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