Night Hunting/Fishing Activities in Rhode Island

Night Hunting/Fishing Activities in Rhode Island

night huntingActivities in the Rhode Island go beyond boat cruising and swimming to hunting and fishing. Night hunting is fun because there are plenty of bucks to down, including deer, turkey, ducks, and other birds. Fishing on the other hand, is done using fishing boats along the coast of the island mostly on the charter trips of Captain Sheriff. Some of the species available for fishing include Tautogs, fluke, tuna, seabass, atlantic cod and haddock among others.

Any fisherman out there will want to harvest as much as possible, while the hunter in the woods would want to down that big deer he has been trailing. Fishing and hunting at night are common on the island, but a few of the people know the best techniques to apply in order to achieve the finest of what they want.

As fishermen and hunters, I hope we all know the basic things required when preparing to go out and hunt or fish. Fishing obviously will need a boat, fishing line or net, baits, and lifesavers among several other gear and clothing. When it comes to hunting, you will need hunting gear, hunting clothing, knives, ear protection, backpack, first aid kit, and a riffle among other things. However, did you know that both fishing and hunting at night require a flashlight?

If this is new to you, definitely this article is so important to you. For the beginners in the fishing and hunting world, probably I am already teaching someone some vital tips. Alright, one may be asking, why do I need a flashlight and I have a gun to shoot? That query is self-answered because the exercise is being done at night. Right? But this does not mean the flashlight must stay switched on throughout the fishing or hunting period.

Use of Tactical Flashlight during Night Fishing

Fishing during the night is fun as you enjoy the calm view of the ocean and the coastal line, as well as the breeze emerging from the waters. It is also a nice time to catch plenty of fish as long as you have the right tools. Many times people do ask why professional fishermen use attractor lights while catching fish. This question is a bit tricky due to the fact that big fish such as black sea bass will move away from light. So, how do they manage to catch those bluefish, weakfish, and striped bass?

According to, you need to use a bright tactical flashlight for professional fishing to attract those tiny sea animals known as zooplankton. These species tend to follow beams of light when stricken into water, and therefore your flashlight is used for that purpose. You just need to flash the light (switch the low light mode) into the water and wait for the planktons to accumulate around the beam. Baitfish, on the other hand, will get attracted by the planktons because they feed on them. Herring, shad, and minnows are the popular baitfishes that are eaten by predator fish such as bass, redfish, crappie, walleye, and speckled trout.

So, the flash beam will attract series of species (fishermen interested in those predator fish) towards your fishing net. Since the net can only hold the bigger fish, the small ones will escape leaving the larger ones behind. This technique is quite useful especially when you want to harvest more of fish. It is also a less time-consuming method. If you are a fisherman and you haven’t realized this technique so far, it is now the time to have your own flashlight for night fishing.

Use of Flashlight for Night Hunting

As much as you want to have fun while hunting those deer at night, so too important is your protection. Apart from temporarily blinding a deer so that you can re-position yourself to shoot, also the wild animals need to be scared away. A flashlight is used to strike the eyes of an animal with a very bright light, which blinds an animal’s eyes provisionally as the hunter prepares to escape.

Occasionally, hunters encounter wild animals while in the woods. If you are not prepared enough, you may be tempted to shoot down an unauthorized animal, leading to hefty fines by the authorities. The flashlight can be very useful when in such threatening situations. This can also be classified as an emergency, which requires a flashlight immediately.

Another use of the flashlight is when looking for a lost item. Earplugs are the common items that get lost at night, and you can lose them permanently if you don’t have a light source. Of course, if you cannot find them, you will be forced to continue hunting without ear protection, thus endangering your ears.


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